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We Are Layr

We are redefining the way businesses purchase and manage their commercial liability insurance by giving control of the process back to the business owner.

What We Are

We are a modern tech-enabled insurance agency that has created an entirely new commercial insurance distribution model that allows businesses to quickly get the insurance they need, completely online, from trusted insurance carriers, and without speaking to a human all while paying for it monthly on a credit card.

What We Are Not

We are not just another insurance comparison engine, aggregator, or lead generator tricking business owners into enduring the same slow and frustrating insurance process by wrapping a complicated application in a fancy website or colorful user interface only to pass you off to a third party before or after you buy.

Our Mission

Our entire team is determined to make high quality commercial insurance easily accessible and affordable for the more than 25 million small businesses throughout America. We firmly believe that small business is the backbone of the American economy and we don’t feel it’s fair that they struggle getting their hands on the resources larger enterprises benefit from.


Liability insurance is a critical piece of protection for the often vulnerable small business, yet far too many companies are operating without it. We are changing this reality.
Phillip Naples
CEO at Layr

Our Inspiration

There are very few industries left that have yet to truly embrace technology for it’s potential positive impacts. The commercial insurance industry is one of them. In fact, this is an industry that hasn’t really embraced any form of technology since deciding to adopt the use of email as an alternative to the fax machine. At Layr, we’re at the forefront of designing, developing, and implementing technology to push this enormous and overwhelmingly tech-averse industry into the digital age. By combining our deep insurance knowledge, understanding, and experience with modern technologies like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, we have created an entirely new and more effective way to distribute an essential business service to the deeply neglected small business market.

Meet Our Team

Team Layr is comprised of advisors, investors, and specialized professionals with deep knowledge and experience across industries including insurance, technology, and security, led by our founder & lead insurance expert Phillip Naples.

Our Founder

Phillip Naples

Phillip Naples

Co-Founder, CEO

Our Crew

Josh Morse
TJ Schmakel
Brice Hartmann
Susan Lin
Peter Wensel

Matt Munns
Felisha Mosely
Coy Townley
John Lorenz
Matt Hurst

Trish Reynolds
Marla Klotz
Becca Kirby
Jarrett Christian
Jodi Johansen

Alexa Seol

Our Board of Directors

Phillip Naples


Andrew Egenes


Mark Stephens

Canal Capital Advisors

Chris Zock

Sandbox Insurtech Ventures

Keith Molzer

Flyover Capital

Our Investors

Our Investors

Lovingly Homegrown in Atlanta

We are based in the vibrant and growing city of Atlanta, GA. With all the amenities of a big city and a blossoming technology and startup ecosystem, Atlanta is a friendly and affordable place to start and run a business.

Crushing Code in Chicago

Much of our engineering team calls Chi-Town home. Not only is the heart of the Midwest a booming tech hub, but with some of the countries largest carriers, it's overflowing with insurance and insurtech expertise.

Happily Exported to London

As an alumni of the inaugural Lloyd's Lab cohort, we're thrilled to operate a satellite office in London where we can leverage the vast experience and resources offered by the commercial insurance capital of the world.

Our Supporters

Our Supporters

Press & Media Relations

As advocates for both the commercial insurance industry as well as small businesses and startups, we're always open to working with journalists, bloggers, and podcasters who cover these subjects.


For Journalists

We'd love a heads-up before anything mentioning or linking to us goes live.


Media Contact

Layr's Marketing Team


Press Kit

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