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A collaborative approach to helping the commercial insurance industry improve that involves today's risk management students and tomorrow's insurance leaders.

The Motivation

We created the Impact Insurance Initiative after realizing there is an opportunity for more productive collaboration between the different layers of the commercial insurance industry. From carriers to brokers to risk management educators and students, working together we can make the future of our industry even brighter.

The Purpose

The Impact Insurance Initiative is dedicated to raising awareness about the challenges faced by our industry while promoting positive development through the implementation of technology to streamline processes while delivering a better customer experience to the tens of millions of companies who depend on our products and services.


At Layr, education has always been a valuable tool that we try to incorporate into every solution we build. Commercial liability insurance, after all, is a complex and confusing industry. As we usher in an era where technologies like big data and machine learning can be leveraged to improve distribution, underwriting, and servicing, we believe it’s more important than ever to share and discuss the realized and potential opportunities of this exciting insurance renaissance that we all have the ability to witness and impact.


  • Uncover potential applications for both new and existing technologies.
  • Encourage and promote the study of risk management at colleges and universities.
  • Create and distribute consumer-focused educational insurance content.

Insurance Scholarships

We're proud to partner with leading organizations from all corners of the commercial insurance industry to offer currently enrolled risk management students with scholarship opportunities every semester.

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Paid Internships

Like our scholarship opportunities, Layr and our partners focus on providing risk management students with opportunities for interesting and fulfilling paid internships within the commercial insurance industry.

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