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Popular Policies

We have access to many lines of insurance. Below are some of the most popular policy types.

Press Kit

As advocates for both the commercial insurance industry as well as small businesses, we're always open to working with journalists and bloggers who cover these subjects.

The Elevator Pitch

Layr automates the role of the traditional commercial insurance agent and underwriter by walking business owners through the process of selecting the right business insurance for their company, quoting a monthly price in real time that can be paid with a credit card, and intelligently matching the business with the insurance company best suited to provide the selected coverage.

The Founding Team

In 2012, Andrew Egenes had been running his first company for two years without business insurance. Realizing the exposure, he began the difficult process of finding an insurance agent willing to spend time on his low commission opportunity. Eventually, he found Phillip Naples who agreed to commit the time necessary to get Andrew the insurance his company needed with the hopes it would eventually become a profitable account. Three years later and fed up with the painful and expensive process of managing and renewing insurance, Andrew fired Phillip. It was a wake up call that drove Phillip to create a new way for neglected small businesses to get the critically important insurance they needed. Phillip spent the next year designing what would become Layr. In early 2016 having exited his first company, Andrew eagerly agreed to join Phillip in solving the very problems that had driven them apart.