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What Kind of Insurance Do Small Businesses Need?

Small businesses are the foundation for future economic success; they bring forth the innovation to increase efficiency in our evolving world. However, insurance companies make it difficult to figure out when to get your first commercial insurance policy and what policy is the best fit for your company. There are many different types of policies and types of insurance for different aspects of your business. Therefore, there are a few things to keep in mind when initially considering shopping for insurance for your small business.
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UnBrokerage Is Officially Becoming Layr

It’s been a little more than a year since we launched the initial version of a digital commercial insurance platform for modern business owners. It is filled with valuable industry firsts including real-time pricing, a monthly credit card payment option, an “always up-to-date” proof of insurance generator, and a smart claim wizard. The need for these features was discovered due to our deep commercial insurance experience and the relentless study of what small business owners wished the business insurance purchasing and management experiences were like. And while the customer feedback on this initial version of our platform has been overwhelmingly positive, we know there are still plenty of additional insurance pain points that need to be solved.
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Protecting Employee Productivity from the Effects of Identity Theft

People who have experienced identity theft report that being an identity theft victim is like having to work a second job. Victims spend a lot of time addressing the issues arising from their identity theft. If one or more of your employee’s experience identity theft, productivity at work can be impacted. The sooner employees find out about identity theft, the sooner they can take action to restore control over their identities. Early detection helps to minimize the damage. And Identity Recovery coverage can do a lot of the heavy lifting to help identity theft victims stay productive at work.
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3 Easy Ways to Increase Cyber Security for Your Small Business

Running a small business is tough. You have deadlines, payroll to meet, taxes to handle, customers with challenges, rent to pay and the list goes on. But did you know that 50% of SMBs have been breached in the past 12 months? I know what you’re thinking. Well, we are too small, who would want to go after us? We don’t have anything a hacker would want.
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Is the Insurance Industry Dying a Slow Death?

Insurance is one of the oldest industries in existence and accounts for roughly $1 of every $4 spent in the United States. Despite its dominance, stability, and longevity, as an industry, young people increasingly write it off as a potential career path. We believe insurtech can help reverse this trend and change the way young professionals look at careers in insurance.
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The Difference Between Cyber Liability and Technology Errors and Omissions Insurance

In response to a question we’re regularly asked by prospective customers, we decided to write an article briefly discussing the differences between cyber liability insurance and technology errors and omissions insurance while also explaining why these two different policies should be combined. We’ve written multiple times about each of these types of policies separately, but understanding how they work together will ensure your company is not only getting the most from each type of insurance but that there aren’t any critical gaps in protection. Continue Reading “The Difference Between Cyber Liability and Technology Errors and Omissions Insurance”

Making Sense of Cyber Liability Insurance

Most people who own or run a business are aware of the many digital risks threatening their companies with increasing frequency. As new mainstream companies announce data breaches seemingly weekly, business owners are educating themselves on ways to avoid falling victim to cybercrime. But what happens when a company’s cyber defenses fail? That’s where insurance comes into play; specifically, cyber liability, or data breach, insurance. Continue Reading “Making Sense of Cyber Liability Insurance”

5 Things to Know If Someone Is Injured at Your Photography Studio

While some photographers are used to working on location or at venues, many operate a photography business out of a photography studio. Whether you operate a studio out of your home or out of a dedicated commercial space, your company faces a unique set of risks and should prepare for those risks accordingly. One of the biggest exposures is the risk of injury to a client while at the studio for a shoot.
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An End-of-Year Checklist for Small Business Owners and Their Teams

Before joining Layr as a co-founder and the head of product, I co-founded and ran an e-commerce company for more than 5 years. The end of the year was always an exciting but stressful time for me and my team. It was exciting because the months of November and December were our biggest sales months of the year. It was stressful because my co-founder and I had to find time to manage all the critical year-end tasks while also ensuring everything operated smoothly during the most important two months of the year. I know firsthand that it’s easy for business owners to forget about key tasks that need to be completed before January 1st. So, I put together a handy checklist of the most important items that businesses need to tackle to enter the new year prepared.
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The Dangers of Buying Cyber Liability Insurance From Companies That Only Sell Cyber Liability Insurance

With increasing frequency, insurtech startups selling cyber liability insurance online are emerging. With founding teams often possessing deep knowledge and experience in enterprise data security and investors interested in funding companies combating the increased cyber threats all modern businesses face, cyber liability insurance is, understandably, at the core of this new wave of startups. While we believe that cyber insurance plays a critical role in all effective cybersecurity strategies, we have serious concerns about the dangers and risks that come along with the insurtech startups that are only selling cyber insurance. Continue Reading “The Dangers of Buying Cyber Liability Insurance From Companies That Only Sell Cyber Liability Insurance”