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February 2017

Why Companies are Moving Their Insurance to Us for Free

When you transfer your current business insurance to us you instantly gain access to the the easiest and most efficient online business insurance platform.

Over the past several weeks, we have seen a lot of activity in part because of the release of our proof of insurance generator and automated insurance transfer process. While creating a certificate of insurance is seemingly one of the easiest tasks for an insurance agent to complete, it often still takes much longer than people expect. By completely automating this task, we allow our customers to create proof of insurance instantly, anytime, and from anywhere.
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Do You Know Who Your Insurance Company Is?

With business insurance, it's common for people to confuse their insurance agent or broker with the carrier or company that provides their coverage.

It is relatively common for small business owners to get their insurance agent and their insurance company (also called a carrier) mixed up.  For instance, many refer to their agent, the individual or company that sold them their policies, as Hartford, Selective, or Travelers when in fact those are the insurance carriers that are providing the insurance coverage for your business.  On the other hand, you may have purchased your business insurance through a larger broker who you believe is also the insurance carrier. Continue Reading “Do You Know Who Your Insurance Company Is?”

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

We discuss exactly what a certificate of insurance, sometimes called proof of insurance, really is along with who needs it and what they are used for.

Simply put, a certificate of insurance, sometimes called proof of insurance, is a snapshot of the current active insurance policies that are in place for a particular company.  They are typically requested by customers, landlords, and vendors as a way to ensure that the company they’re currently or considering working with has the necessary insurance in place in the event that something happens arrising in an insurance claim.  Every certificate is assigned to a specific “holder” which is usually the company or legal entity that requested it.  Therefore, you can’t simply create one and provide it to multiple companies.  A certificate of insurance must be created for each specific each holder.  And again, certificates are only a snapshot and valid for the day they are generated as a result of the fact that insurance coverage can be cancelled or modified by the insured at any time. Continue Reading “What is a Certificate of Insurance?”

Signs You Are Overpaying for Business Insurance

Buying business insurance can be a daunting task and few business owners ever trust that they really get the coverage they need without overpaying for it.

There are millions of small businesses in United States.  More than 25 million in fact. However, based on a recent study by Accenture, 40% of the American work force will eventually be freelancers.  That means there will be close to 50 million additional small business with only 1 employee.  So, if you’re already small business owner, this quick guide will help you determine if you might be paying too much for your business liability insurance coverage.

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We Just Released Two Exciting New Features

Our online business insurance platform now includes an online certificate of insurance generator and the ability to transfer existing policies in minutes.

At Layr, we believe that empowering the small business owner will only strengthen our economy.  Innovation, job growth, and wealth can all be created at the small business level, but unfortunately the service and support for small businesses is not as commonplace as it needs to be.  In an effort to continue our support for small businesses everywhere, we are pleased to announce that we have added two new features to our online business insurance platform that will make managing commercial liability insurance even easier that we’ve already made it.
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Technology Errors and Omissions Insurance Explained

Technology errors and omissions insurance is a relatively new type of policy that is uniquely applicable to technology and software-based companies.

Technology errors and omissions insurance (also known as tech E&O, technology professional liability insurance and technology service liability insurance) is a relatively new line of coverage used primarily as a technology companies first line of defense in the case of a failure of product or service.  Before we get into that, we should explain why most companies, and especially startups, need technology errors and omissions insurance and why a standard product liability insurance policy or general liability insurance policy might not be enough. Continue Reading “Technology Errors and Omissions Insurance Explained”

5 Insurance Mistakes Tech Companies Make

Technology companies can be especially prone to risk as a result of not purchasing business insurance at all or not purchasing the right coverage.

Many new businesses starting out today are either creating cutting edge technology or are using technology to deliver a product or service in a more efficient and profitable manner.  And with cloud-based systems, virtual accountants, and teleworking, the cost to start a new company is lower than ever.  However, as a new business gets off the ground and begins acquiring customers, one step business owners definitely don’t want to skip is obtaining the proper commercial liability insurance.  Below are the top 5 mistakes most technology startups make when purchasing their business insurance. Continue Reading “5 Insurance Mistakes Tech Companies Make”

Layr Selected as 2017 Georgia FinTech Innovation Award Finalist

Layr was officially selected to compete for the 2017 Georgia FinTech Innovation Award as a result of our revolutionary business insurance platform.

We’re excited to share that Layr has been selected as one of four finalists that will be competing for the TAG FinTech Innovation Award at the 2017 FinTech Georgia Symposium presented by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). Each year, more than 500 people attend the all day event where over 50 speakers from some of the world’s most influential financial technology companies will speak about innovation in banking, insurance, financial services, security, and more. The event is one of TAG’s largest of the year.
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The 3 Greatest Risks of Operating Your Business Uninsured

Commercial insurance is, understandably, something that many business owners avoid. We explain the risks with putting off this important safeguard.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the risks of starting a company, going without a paycheck, and potentially losing everything.  Business owners are a highly motivated and tenacious breed of individual who have a hard time working 9 to 5 to fulfill someone else’s vision.  Taking steps to put in place protective measures that make sure you can live to fight another day is an important part of going into business for yourself.  Specifically, commercial liability insurance is something that is dangerously overlooked and put on the back burner by many business owners.  Understandably, business insurance seems like an expense that will rarely provide any value.  However, I am here to tell you that it can and it does.  These are the 3 greatest risks business owners are exposing themselves to when they operate their company without insurance.

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