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May 2017

The Importance of Commercial Auto Liability Insurance

For companies whose owners or employees drive personal or company-owned vehicles for business, commercial auto liability insurance is extremely important.

For most companies big and small, a commercial automobile liability insurance policy is a key component in a well-rounded insurance strategy. But time and time again, business owners opt to skip this critical and inexpensive line of coverage because they mistakingly believe that personal auto insurance provides adequate protection. Let’s take a look at two different scenarios that demonstrate why this belief is wrong and why every company should purchase a business automobile policy.
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What is Business Travel Insurance?

For companies who's employees travel internationally, business travel insurance provides financial reimbursement when those trips become interrupted.

Even with the technological advancement of tools like virtual meetings, business travel is more common than ever before and shows no signs of slowing down. With more employees traveling comes increased exposure for the companies they work for. Business travel insurance is designed for people who travel, primarily internationally, for business purposes. Whether for trade shows or to meet with a prospective client or supplier, travel mishaps not only interfere with the business being conducted but they can cost a company thousands of dollars. The good news is that most of todays business credit cards provide adequate travel insurance as a card benefit for small businesses. However, for companies with employees who take more than five international trips per year to less established or industrialized nations, the benefits offered by credit cards might not be enough. Continue Reading “What is Business Travel Insurance?”

3 Scenarios That Legally Require Business Insurance

Lets take a look at three of the most common and frequent scenarios that trigger a legal requirement for some form of business insurance.

Today more than ever before, people are deciding to forgo the security of a 40 hour per week job large established companies for the flexibility and opportunities provided by starting their own business. A generational shift is occurring where modern business owners are learning they can have more control over their future and wealth by by starting their own companies. However, if you have never run a business before, you may not be aware of all the things you’ll need to take care of in order to comply with the law. Obtaining the proper business insurance is one of those things. Yes, buying business insurance, for the most part, is a prudent but optional choice. But, which scenarios legally require a business to have coverage in place?
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What is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption insurance is a form of coverage typically added to an existing policy providing protection for interruptions to business operations.

Business interruption insurance, sometimes called business income insurance, is a type of insurance coverage that can be added to existing property policies or a packaged policy like a business owner’s policy (BOP).  This policy covers the loss of income that a business might suffer after experiencing a catastrophic event like a fire or natural disaster. Continue Reading “What is Business Interruption Insurance?”