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November 2017

What We’ve Learned About the Photography Industry from Our Photographer Customers

We're committed to learning about our customers and their industries. Here's what we've learned from our professional photographer customers.

This article is part of our “Learning From Customers” series of blog posts. At Layr, our mission is to help our small business customers thrive. To help them thrive, we are committed to gaining a deep understanding of the industries they operate in and the challenges they face.
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What Insurance Do Subcontractors Need?

Subcontractors and artisan contractors often operate in industries with unique risks. In this post, we discuss the insurance these types of companies need.

Subcontractors, or artisan contractors, are a profession that is held to extremely strict insurance requirements. This is primarily because this profession typically involves risks that can cause significant injury to people or extensive damage to property. For example, when a professional in the construction or artisan contractor industry is ready to perform their job duties, they are required to show proof of insurance before any work can be performed and before they are allowed on any job site. So, let’s take a look at the types of business insurance subcontractors and artisan contractors should make sure they have in place.

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