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February 2018

3 Easy Ways to Increase Cyber Security for Your Small Business

In this post, cybersecurity expert Nick Santora from Curricula explains three easy ways any small business can better protect itself from today's digital threats.

Running a small business is tough. You have deadlines, payroll to meet, taxes to handle, customers with challenges, rent to pay and the list goes on. But did you know that 50% of SMBs have been breached in the past 12 months? I know what you’re thinking. Well, we are too small, who would want to go after us? We don’t have anything a hacker would want.
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Is the Insurance Industry Dying a Slow Death?

With the average age of insurance professionals approaching 60, the insurance industry is facing a talent and hiring crisis that must be reversed.

Insurance is one of the oldest industries in existence and accounts for roughly $1 of every $4 spent in the United States. Despite its dominance, stability, and longevity, as an industry, young people increasingly write it off as a potential career path. We believe insurtech can help reverse this trend and change the way young professionals look at careers in insurance.
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