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Introducing Our Automated Insurance Claims Process

We understand the importance of quickly and easily initiating an insurance claim which is why we've automated the entire process and put it online.

While we hope all of our customers are able to avoid having to file an insurance claim, we know they’re an inevitable part of doing business. They’re also, perhaps, the single most important insurance interaction you can have. After all, what good is having insurance if you don’t use it when you need it? It is for that reason we have made it a priority to ensure that initiating and resolving an insurance claim on our business insurance platform is as fast and painless as possible. In pursuit of that priority, I’m excited to share that we’ve released our fully automated and 100% online claims process.

blur_on The Magic

Like many of the benefits our platform provides, an automated online claims process might seem simple and straightforward. But the commercial insurance industry adopts technology slower than just about any other so we can assure you, this is special. The real magic lies within our claim initiation wizard which intelligently walks the customer through a series of questions regarding the incident ultimately determining which insurance policy their particular claim should be filed under. Insurance can be confusing and for customers with multiple policies, we’re betting they don’t have time to read through hundreds of pages of policy documents to determine which insurance carrier should be responding to their claim and we know they can’t afford to wait for an agent to call them back to document what happened. We believe it makes the most sense for the person directly affected by the claim to document and provide the details as quickly and easily as possible.

Once the claim initiation wizard has determined which policy applies to the particular incident, the customer then provides answers to a few more standard questions and submits the claim. One of our licensed customer advocates then quickly reviews the submission for accuracy before approval. Upon approval, the claim is automatically routed to the claims department of the insurance carrier identified by the wizard as responsible for handling the claim. Throughout this entire process, the licensed customer advocate will work closely with both the customer and the insurance company responding to the claim to ensure a speedy resolution and minimize any negative impact to business operations.

We’re confident that our claims process and the technology we’ve created to power it offers an easier and more accurate experience for both the insured and the insurer resulting in claims being resolved faster than ever.