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Introducing Our Refreshed Portal Interface

We are constantly working to improve and optimize the experience our platform provides and are excited to release a refreshed version of our portal design.

While our secure insurance portal has always technically been mobile-friendly since it launched (something not all of our modern competitors can say), I have always felt it was lacking the polished feel it needed and that it could be even more friendly for those browsing on mobile devices and tablets. Admittedly, the user interface of the portal didn’t receive the same attention that other parts of our website and features received and I always knew we would need to revisit and refresh the design. I’m excited to say that we completed and released the first refresh this weekend.

Overall, we tried to make the new portal interface design minimal with as few distractions as possible. What you’ll find is a single-column responsive design that is much cleaner and fully optimized for mobile phones and tablets. The left sidebar menu has been moved to a simpler header. The addition of sub-navigation that appears horizontally and directly below the header, when applicable, replaces the bulky and inconsistently placed buttons that previously served as the gateway to features like the certificate of insurance generator and policy transfer form. Perhaps most noticeable is the use of white space. The jury is still out on whether or not there is too much whitespace so you might notice additional changes over the coming weeks and months.

We hope you find the improvements we’ve made to the insurance portal interface beneficial. In the end, our objective is not only to be the easiest way to purchase business insurance but also the easiest way to manage it. We will continue finding ways to achieve both of these objectives. Lastly, we always welcome feedback, praise, and criticism from our customers and users so feel free to share your thoughts.