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UnBrokerage Is Officially Becoming Layr

We're excited to announce that UnBrokerage is changing its name to Layr and releasing the next evolution of our revolutionary business insurance platform.

It’s been a little more than a year since we launched the initial version of a digital commercial insurance platform for modern business owners. It is filled with valuable industry firsts including real-time pricing, a monthly credit card payment option, an “always up-to-date” proof of insurance generator, and a smart claim wizard. The need for these features was discovered due to our deep commercial insurance experience and the relentless study of what small business owners wished the business insurance purchasing and management experiences were like. And while the customer feedback on this initial version of our platform has been overwhelmingly positive, we know there are still plenty of additional insurance pain points that need to be solved.

Over the last few months, our team has been heads down helping entrepreneurs protect their businesses and continuing to understand their needs so we can keep building the best insurance solution possible. We are building this business, after all, to ensure that business owners everywhere are able to effectively run and grow their business all while having a positive impact on our economy. As we’ve continued to grow, we began to realize that we needed to better communicate to our customers that we believe in them and support them. To communicate what we are and not what we aren’t. The name UnBrokerage name simply doesn’t fit who we are or what we do.

The name UnBrokerage simply doesn’t fit who we are or what we do.

So, after months of careful thought and reflection, we are excited to share that we are changing our name to Layr. Literally, the name Layr represents the layer of protection that insurance provides. For business owners, this layer of protection can be the difference between success and failure. Business owners take huge risks going at it on their own and we like to think that the products and services we provide help make those risks a little easier to take. But we were still missing something. Not only did we want our new name to better reflect what we are but we also wanted to change the way people see it and think about it. We want our customers to understand what is possible with the right insurance. With insurance, you can grow your team and hire employees. With insurance, you can sign a lease agreement and move into an office. With insurance, you can sign that big new customer contract. That’s why we settled on the domain name WithLayr.com to represent our new brand moving forward. With Layr, companies to get the layer of protection they need to succeed.

But that’s still not all. Along with our new name and new website comes the next evolution of our online commercial insurance platform. We took everything we’ve learned in the past year and are introducing not only a completely reimagined user interface but a great deal of new functionality and automation to make the process of purchasing and managing business insurance painless. And our product road map is still packed full of exciting (and boring) plans that will continue to lead the commercial insurance industry into the modern age. We’re incredibly proud of what we’re building and look forward to what the future holds for Layr.

If you’re not currently a customer, there has never been a better time to take our platform for a spin. You can create an account for free, get a quote in 12 minutes, or even transfer your existing policies to Layr without speaking to your current broker. Existing UnBrokerage customers are currently being migrated to the new platform and will be notified via email when the migration is complete.