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We Just Released Two Exciting New Features

Our online business insurance platform now includes an online certificate of insurance generator and the ability to transfer existing policies in minutes.

At Layr, we believe that empowering the small business owner will only strengthen our economy.  Innovation, job growth, and wealth can all be created at the small business level, but unfortunately the service and support for small businesses is not as commonplace as it needs to be.  In an effort to continue our support for small businesses everywhere, we are pleased to announce that we have added two new features to our online business insurance platform that will make managing commercial liability insurance even easier that we’ve already made it.

description Certificate Insurance Generator

First, we have released a 100% online and automated certificate of insurance generator allowing our customers to create custom certificates of insurance demonstrating proof of coverage for all the parties that they do business with and whenever the need arises.  This seemingly easy task takes traditional insurance agents and brokers days to complete and often requires a phone call or email to the insurance agent who must then find time to manually populate and generate the certificate to send over to the client.  With our online certificate of insurance generator, customers enter in the name, address, and contact information of the certificate holder and our system instantly populates, generates, and delivers the certificate of insurance to the specified certificate holder. The certificate is then safely stored online for the customer to access anytime from their account.  With this feature, business owners can deliver tailored proof of coverage in seconds as it’s requested and without picking up the phone and calling an agent.

cloud_download Free Online Insurance Policy Transfer

Second, we have created a fast, easy, and free way for current customers as well as new customers to transfer their current business insurance to Layr and without speaking to their current insurance broker or agent.  To transfer active insurance to us, you simply upload a company logo, enter in the policy numbers of the current coverage you want to transfer or upload a certificate of insurance, authorize the transfer by signing with your mouse, and our system takes care of the rest.  It really is that simple.  After the mandatory 5-day waiting period which is required by all insurance companies, the transfer will be complete and Layr will be the new broker of record for the transferred insurance policies.  Most importantly, once an insurance policy is transferred to us, our full suite of online insurance tools, including the new certificate of insurance generator, will be available for the transferred policy.

We are excited to bring these tools to our customers and business owners across America. We’re even more excited about the future features to come.