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General announcements or information regarding company happenings, upcoming events, exciting new feature releases, and platform or service updates.

Crisis Comm: Organizing Swiftly in the Midst of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

We continue to follow the effect of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on small businesses across the nation. We know many of our customers and small business owners are anxiously awaiting news related to support, relief, and financial assistance. We’ve compiled a list of common questions about business insurance and how policies will or will not likely respond to events arising from the pandemic.
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Business Insurance and the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Layr is closely following the effect of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on small businesses across the nation. We know many of our customers and small business owners have questions about how their business liability insurance might respond as they are impacted by this public health emergency. Additionally, we’ve published a crisis communication guide for business owners who may be looking for help communicating with their customers and stakeholders about this unprecedented situation.
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We’ve Been Invited to London

We’re excited and honored to share that Layr has officially been selected to participate in the inaugural Lloyd’s Lab cohort. More than two hundred companies from around the world applied for one of ten coveted slots and an opportunity to work with the world’s first insurance marketplace, Lloyd’s of London. Layr is one of only three companies from the U.S. selected and the only company from the East Coast that will be joining the cohort.
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UnBrokerage Is Officially Becoming Layr

It’s been a little more than a year since we launched the initial version of a digital commercial insurance platform for modern business owners. It is filled with valuable industry firsts including real-time pricing, a monthly credit card payment option, an “always up-to-date” proof of insurance generator, and a smart claim wizard. The need for these features was discovered due to our deep commercial insurance experience and the relentless study of what small business owners wished the business insurance purchasing and management experiences were like. And while the customer feedback on this initial version of our platform has been overwhelmingly positive, we know there are still plenty of additional insurance pain points that need to be solved.
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Introducing Our Automated Insurance Claims Process

While we hope all of our customers are able to avoid having to file an insurance claim, we know they’re an inevitable part of doing business. They’re also, perhaps, the single most important insurance interaction you can have. After all, what good is having insurance if you don’t use it when you need it? It is for that reason we have made it a priority to ensure that initiating and resolving an insurance claim on our business insurance platform is as fast and painless as possible. In pursuit of that priority, I’m excited to share that we’ve released our fully automated and 100% online claims process. Continue Reading “Introducing Our Automated Insurance Claims Process”

Introducing Our Refreshed Portal Interface

While our secure insurance portal has always technically been mobile-friendly since it launched (something not all of our modern competitors can say), I have always felt it was lacking the polished feel it needed and that it could be even more friendly for those browsing on mobile devices and tablets. Admittedly, the user interface of the portal didn’t receive the same attention that other parts of our website and features received and I always knew we would need to revisit and refresh the design. I’m excited to say that we completed and released the first refresh this weekend. Continue Reading “Introducing Our Refreshed Portal Interface”

We Just Released Two Exciting New Features

At Layr, we believe that empowering the small business owner will only strengthen our economy.  Innovation, job growth, and wealth can all be created at the small business level, but unfortunately the service and support for small businesses is not as commonplace as it needs to be.  In an effort to continue our support for small businesses everywhere, we are pleased to announce that we have added two new features to our online business insurance platform that will make managing commercial liability insurance even easier that we’ve already made it.
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Layr Selected as 2017 Georgia FinTech Innovation Award Finalist

We’re excited to share that Layr has been selected as one of four finalists that will be competing for the TAG FinTech Innovation Award at the 2017 FinTech Georgia Symposium presented by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). Each year, more than 500 people attend the all day event where over 50 speakers from some of the world’s most influential financial technology companies will speak about innovation in banking, insurance, financial services, security, and more. The event is one of TAG’s largest of the year.
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The Business Insurance Game Has Changed

Earlier this year, we set out to revolutionize the way businesses purchase and manage their commercial insurance. We recognized that each business has a unique exposure and risk profile creating the need to be able to sell truly customized insurance policies. However, rather than delivering tailored insurance coverage most agents are only knowledgable enough to sell businesses “off the shelf” products that often either under or over address the actual exposure faced by each business. As a result, many businesses, especially small businesses, are currently either still exposed because they don’t have the right coverage for their exposure or they’re overpaying for coverage they don’t need addressing exposure they don’t have. Finally, we wanted to make what historically takes several weeks or more and condense it down to 48 hours or less.

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Welcome to the New Layr

Well… it’s been awhile since my last blog posting. You’ll notice that although we’ve been quiet, we haven’t gone away. Rather, I’ve had my head down while I focus all of my attention on solving the massive problem called small business insurance. Trust when I say that we’re well on our way. Continue Reading “Welcome to the New Layr”