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Startup Life

Anyone involved in a startup knows it’s not as glamorous as pop culture suggests. Here, we share our own experiences as startup entrepreneurs.

Accelerating Innovation as an Unexpectedly Distributed Team

As Layr’s Head of Product, one of my priorities for 2020 was to eliminate the less-effective habits my co-founder and I developed bootstrapping our startup and simultaneously introduce new habits that directly support innovation across our products and internal processes. Then, the world was unexpectedly hit by the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.
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That Time I Fired Our CEO Then Became His Co-Founder

Recently, Layr had the opportunity to present at the Southeast’s premier technology startup conference, Venture Atlanta. The process of preparing our presentation resulted in a breakthrough of sorts. Our CEO and my co-founder, Phillip, delivered the best and most passionate pitch on Layr that I’ve ever seen. I’ll save the details surrounding the process that helped elevate Phillip’s performance for another post and instead focus on a specific story from the pitch that a lot of people wanted to know more about; the story of when I fired Phillip. Continue Reading “That Time I Fired Our CEO Then Became His Co-Founder”