What We’ve Learned About the Photography Industry from Our Photographer Customers

We're committed to learning about our customers and their industries. Here's what we've learned from our professional photographer customers.

This article is part of our “Learning From Customers” series of blog posts. At Layr, our mission is to help our small business customers thrive. To help them thrive, we are committed to gaining a deep understanding of the industries they operate in and the challenges they face.

event Work As a Photographer Can Be Inconsistant

Photography is a unique seasonal industry and the amount of business that full-time and freelance photographers can expect to land varies based on the type of photography they specialize in. Wedding photographers, for example, tend to perform the bulk of their work in the most popular wedding months like June, August, September, and October. During the unpopular months for weddings like January, February, and March, wedding photographers have a much harder time landing jobs. This type of inconsistent work can make running a photography business more challenging.

Managing the strain on cash flow during less popular months, we found, is particularly difficult for photographers. As a result, our photographer customers find significant value in the fact that we allow them to pay for their photography business insurance monthly and with a credit card.

photo_camera Photographers Own Expensive Equipment

Admittedly, we underestimated how valuable the photography equipment photographers depend on is. We’ve learned that many photographers regularly use multiple camera bodies that can cost upwards of $3,000 each. We’ve also learned camera lenses can be extremely expensive and that constant swapping in the field inevitably results in drops and damage to the camera bodies and lenses.

To say properly insuring a photographers equipment is important would be an understatement. The business property policies that we provide our photographer customers with are second to none and include critical the critical “property extension” and “property of others” endorsements.



brush Photographers Are Artists

Most professional photographers consider themselves artists more than they consider themselves business people or entrepreneurs. Owning a photography company is merely a means of practicing their art. As a result, they don’t get much enjoyment out of the mundane tasks that go along with running a business. Things like maintaining legal contracts, managing books and accounting, and purchasing business insurance simply get in the way of doing what they love; photography. While they respect the importance in each of these tasks, they prefer to spend as little time as possible on them.

This is another area we can help. Our customers are able to purchase the business insurance they need in 12 minutes and online. Once coverage is in place, our tools allow them to do things like generate proof of insurance instantly when places like wedding venues require it.

Insurance for Photographers

We know that photographers struggle not only obtaining the insurance they need to perform their work but also paying for it. That’s why we partnered specifically with insurance carriers who understand the photography industry and want to work with photographers. Not only have we made getting the insurance photography companies are required to have fast and easy but we also allow you to pay for it monthly with a credit card. If you’re a full-time or freelance photographer, switching to us for your insurance has never been easier. Click here to get started for free.

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