Popular Policies

We have access to many lines of insurance. Below are some of the most popular policy types.

Download “Broker of Record” Letter Copies

When you transfer an existing business insurance policy to Layr, a broker of record letter (BOR) is generated and securely delivered to the the carriers who have issued the policies you’re transferring. We email you a copy of the BOR that is generated, but now, we’ve also made that letter permanently available through the secure insurance portal. Simply navigate to the “Policies” section of the portal and you’ll see any policy transfer requests along with a link to download the BOR that was generated.

Happy transferring! 📄

Invites to the Layr Slack Community Now Available

Every business owner has preferences for how they communicate and one of our goals at Layr is make ourselves as available as possible and through as many channels as possible. As adoption of Slack continues at a rapid pace across industries, we decided to go ahead and setup a Layr Slack community. Invites to the community can be requested by logging into your Layr account and using the link the notification on your dashboard.

See you there! 💬

International Certificate Holders

The proof of insurance generator is easily one of the most widely used features by Layr customers. Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve loosened the restrictions to allow for international certificate holders. All existing certificates with a specified certificate holder have been appropriately updated to reflect the country for that certificate holder and moving forward, all newly generated certificates of insurance will have the option of naming certificate holders based outside of the U.S.

Enjoy! 👍

Expiring Credit Card Notifications

The insurance industry is heavily regulated and if a customer falls behind paying their premium, they run the risk of having the insurance carrier begin the process of cancelling their policies. Here at Layr, we’re continuing to build automated ways of ensuring that our customers don’t end up with their policies being cancelled for non pay. Today, we’ve turned on expiring credit card detection. If our system detects that the card you pay your insurance with expires at the end of the current month, we’ll automatically send you an email reminder as well as display a notification for you in the Layr secure portal.