Certificates of Insurance, Explained

By The Layr Team   |  11/06/2020

Generating proof of insurance or a certificate of insurance is hassle-free from your Business Insurance Dashboard. Read on for an explanation of what a certificate of insurance is, why it’s important, and how to get one and securely deliver it with Layr in a few clicks.

Certificates of Insurance: What are They and Why Do I Need One?

A certificate of insurance (COI) is a standard document that verifies your business has current and active insurance policies. Customers, landlords, and vendors may require a COI to verify that your business is insured before they will conduct business with your company, hire your company’s services, or enter into a contract with your business.

Each time a potential customer, landlord, or entity requests proof of insurance from your company, you will need to generate a new COI document that is specifically for that requester, sometimes referred to as a holder. When you generate a new COI, the holder can be confident that they are receiving the most up-to-date and accurate representation of your company’s current coverage.

Manage Your Certificates Anywhere, Anytime

Your Business Insurance Dashboard was built with you in mind and designed to meet your needs as a small business owner. We know that generating COIs quickly, whenever and however often is necessary, and that’s why we made it possible from your dashboard.

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Get COIs Instantly From Your Business Insurance Dashboard

When you have coverage with Layr, you have access to our online Certificate Generator. You can create a Certificate of Insurance whenever you need one, instantly. From your Business Insurance Dashboard, enter some information about the certificate holder, and click the Generate Certificate button. No need to pick up the phone or send an email to request a new COI. Your certificate library stores all of the certificates you’ve created, and you can view and download them as many times as you need with just a click.

Automatic Updates to Your Certificates as Your Coverage Changes

Changing your coverage? Adding endorsements? Renewing your policies? No need to fret about requesting an updated Certificate of Insurance. Our Certificate Generator automatically updates every existing certificate in your portal with the latest version of your policies, coverage limits, and carrier information.

Instantly Email Certificates Directly to Recipients

When you’re signing a lease or cinching a deal, time is of the essence. Getting proof of insurance won’t slow you down with Layr. Automated document delivery means certificate holders receive your up-to-date proof of insurance ASAP. When you generate a certificate, enter the recipient’s contact information into the Certificate Generator,  we send the COI instantly to your recipient via email.

When Can I Access My Certificates After Purchasing Policies From Layr?

Immediately— Once coverage is secured by completing our online proposal and bound, you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions walking you through how to create certificates from your Business Insurance Dashboard.

When you need to generate a new COI, log in to your Business Insurance Dashboard and select the Proof of Insurance option in the left side menu. Select Create Proof of Insurance to access the Certificate Generator. Enter the necessary information about your business and the certificate holder to generate your document. Click Generate Certificate, and your certificate will appear in your Certificate Library.

Each certificate you generate is stored securely in your password-protected Certificate Library, which you can access from your Business Insurance Dashboard. Past certificates are always available to view or download as many times as you need.

What We Know About COIs So Far:

  1. A COI is a document that proves which policies are currently active on your account.
  2. Each time a customer or potential customer asks your company to submit proof of insurance, a new and current COI will need to be generated for that particular holder.
  3. You can access the Certificate Generator at any time from any device anywhere to create proof of insurance in seconds.
  4. Certificates of Insurance can be securely delivered to holders via email.
  5. All Certificates of Insurance are stored in the Certificate Library, and can be viewed or downloaded as often and as many times as you need.

Still Have COI Questions? We Have Answers

If you have questions about Certificates of Insurance or your shopping for coverage, schedule some time to chat with our Customer Success Team. Our Customer Success Advocates are all licensed insurance agents and can answer questions about Certificates of Insurance or commercial property and casualty insurance you have or help you find the right policies and coverage for your business.

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