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We have access to many lines of insurance. Below are some of the most popular policy types.

Meet Our Customers

See why companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs throughout the country trust Layr to provide them with the insurance and protection they need to succeed.

In Good Company

From e-commerce companies to high-growth technology startups to staffing agencies to freelance photographers, businesses of all shapes and sizes are turning to Layr to purchase and manage their commercial liability insurance. Our sole purpose is to build an insurance platform and deliver insurance services that business owners love so we’re relentless in collecting and understanding both positive and negative feedback from our customers. Some of our findings are below.


The percentage of our customers who said they would definitely recommend Layr to a colleague or fellow business owner.


The percentage of our customers who said they plan on renewing their current insurance policies with Layr.


The percentage of our customers who said Layr has positively changed their opinion of the commercial insurance industry.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Below are some of the actual reviews and testimonials we've received from paying customers.

Paria Outdoor Products

“Great experience! I was able to obtain coverage in just a couple of days and the process was very easy. I got better coverage at a significant saving compared to my previous policy.”

— Bart Przybyl, Paria Outdoor Products

“As a first time founder the learning curve for building a startup is steep and painful. The process to request a quote was simple and straightforward and made something as complex as applying for insurance easy to understand. Great work, guys! I'll be telling my startup friends about this amazing experience.”

— Stefanie Jewett, Activvley
Grassroots Labs

“Simple, fast, and valuable. Thanks for making the process of buying insurance for my business an unexpectedly enjoyable experience.”

— Zachary Aten, Grassroots Labs