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Growing dog-gear e-commerce startup Atlas Pet Company discovers the need for commercial insurance through Layr’s guidance.
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Layr’s simple user experience makes updating commercial insurance policies less daunting for supply chain intelligence company Verusen.
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Eletype, Inc. gains the perfect business insurance for its SaaS startup on the first try without needing to shop around.
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Monthly business insurance payments are a game-changer in smoothing out cash flow for cyber-security training startup Curricula.
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Machine-learning company GLYNT.AI saves 40% on its annual business insurance premiums with Layr’s automated online platform.
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Groundfloor finds seamless, technology-savvy business insurance agency platform for its niche, cutting-edge financial and crowdfunding startup.
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From e-commerce companies to high-growth technology startups to staffing agencies to freelance photographers, businesses of all shapes and sizes are turning to Layr to purchase and manage their commercial liability insurance. Our sole purpose is to build an insurance platform and deliver insurance services that business owners love.