Layr handles any and all business insurance policies.

Yes! We are always expanding our product library and would be happy to work with you on adding new products that suit your book of business.

We work with major national insurance carriers as well as access many others through major wholesalers.

Yes! We will work with your current carriers in order to keep and build your book with those carriers.

Our policy prediction engine is over 95% accurate. Every policy that passes through our rating algorithm also contributes to future accuracy; the "learning" part of machine learning.

We have automated processes in place to alert the customer of upcoming policy renewals. Our team then handles the rest, from gathering the necessary updates from the insured to negotiating renewal terms with the underwriters to finalizing the renewal documents.

Auto-renew policies are handled hands-free: we let the customer know when the renewal will occur, and we take it from there. Customers with policies that require updated documentation are alerted 60 days in advance and asked to submit the necessary information. After that, we complete the renewal process.

Layr receives a percent of the premium, you keep 100% of the commissions.

Yes, the phone number, email address, and portal are all white-labeled to your brand. We act as your outsourced account management team.

We provide you with a checklist that highlights what we need. Our implementation team handles this process; 90% of the procedure is handled by Layr.

Yes! We are a digital portal for analog carriers. We can digitally recreate the application process, brand it accordingly, and implement the new, online quoting system in a matter of weeks.