Popular Policies

We have access to many lines of insurance. Below are some of the most popular policy types.

Platform Features

We built a modern business insurance platform from the ground up to make purchasing and managing liability insurance fast, easy, and smart for entrepreneurs and business owners.

For Modern Entrepreneurs

We designed our business insurance platform based on the demands of modern entrepreneurs. Our platform provides online tools that allow you to quickly and intelligently purchase, manage, and scale the liability insurance all companies need to operate protected.

Always Getting Better

Layr is on the frontlines of insurtech innovation relentlessly pursuing ways to improve every aspect of the insurance experience for our customers. We believe in creating deliberate and thoughtful interactions that carefully blend technology and software with knowledgable human oversight.

Insurance Proposal Generator

Get an instant quote online and without a phone call.

Our insurance proposal generator is an insurance application for the modern business owner allowing a company to be covered in as little as 12 minutes.

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Secure Insurance Portal

Manage insurance-related tasks from a secure online portal.

Our secure insurance portal is a digital wallet for commercial insurance. It's also where you view your payment history and update your payment method.

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Proof of Insurance

Generate and deliver unlimited proof of insurance 24/7.

Generate unlimited proof of insurance certificates anytime, from any device, and entirely online through our automated certificate of insurance generator.

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Transfer Existing Insurance

Move existing policies to Layr in 30 seconds.

If your company already has commercial insurance in place through another broker or agent, you can still use our platform by transferring those policies to us for free.

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Insurance Claim Wizard

Handle claims with centralized claims management.

Initiating and managing a business insurance claim is extremely easy with our online claims management tool and intelligent claim initiation wizard.

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In addition to the time saving easy-to-use features our modern insurance platform provides, we also include the benefits detailed below. We're confident that you've never experienced a business insurance provider like us and that there's no better way to purchase and manage commercial insurance.

Pay for Insurance Monthly

A common reason an estimated 8 million small businesses in the United States operate without liability insurance is because carriers require them to pay the entire annual premium up front. We've removed this burden by allowing our customers to pay their annual insurance premiums monthly and without any big down payments.

Pay With a Credit Card

More than $300 billion of small business insurance premium is paid via physical check every year. We know modern businesses have moved away from writing physical checks and prefer to setup payments on a credit card. We're one of the few modern insurance brokers that accepts credit cards for insurance premium payments.

Bank Level Security

We take the privacy and confidentiality of our users seriously and employ bank level security technologies including 256-bit SSL encryption, intelligent activity monitoring, and automatic logouts in addition to using data centers with multiple layers of physical security like biometric scanning, retina scanning, and keycard access.

Licensed Human Support

We don't take for granted how important liability insurance is for a business or how big the decision is to commit to an insurance broker. While technology can do a lot, we'll always have licensed, U.S. based, human customer advocates standing by and ready to help with any insurance question or need that arises.

Only A-Rated Insurance Carriers

We only work with A or A+ rated insurance companies that are well-established, have a track record of paying claims quickly and efficiently, and with a strong appetite and desire to work with micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. You never have to worry about your coverage being placed with an unreputable carrier.

Coverage Bound Within 48 Hours

One of the biggest advantages of our process is that we're able to secure insurance coverage extremely quickly. By automating the role of the underwriter, our carrier partners are able to bind coverage within 48 hours with most of our customers receiving their coverage the same day they complete a proposal