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Online Claims Management

Filing a claim is arguably the single most important interaction a business owner can have with their insurance. That's why we created a robust online claims management tool that walks you through the entire process of initiating, documenting, communicating, and completing a claim.

Intelligent Claim Wizard

Answer a series of questions to determine which policy will respond to your claim.

Most companies have more than one line of insurance coverage so pairing the right policy with a specific claim is an important initial step. Our intelligent claim wizard walks you through the process of doing just that.

Carrier Claim Communication

Claims initiated through our portal are sent directly to the carrier claims department.

Our customers don’t have to worry about navigating complex insurance company phone systems. Claims filed through our online claims process are routed directly to the claims adjusters for expedited handling.

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Help Every Step of the Way

Nobody should be forced to go through the insurance claim process on their own.

Our team are your advocates and work on your behalf as a liaison with the insurance company claims adjusters to ensure your claim is handled and resolved properly and as quickly as possible.

Well-Documented Claim History

We help you properly document and maintain a clean and thorough company-wide claims history.

Maintaining a centralized and properly documented history of your company’s insurance claims is an important part of running a business.