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Proof of Insurance

One of the most common things business owners request from their insurance agents are certificates of insurance, or proof of insurance. With our platform, customers are able to generate and store an unlimited number of insurance certificates directly from their secure insurance portal.

Automated Proof of Insurance

Generate and deliver proof of insurance anytime and as often as you need to.

It shouldn’t require human interaction to show proof of insurance. We’ve automated the process of generating and delivering certificates of insurance and made it available to our customers anytime and online.

Certificates Are Always Up to Date

Existing certificates automatically update as coverage is changed, renewed, or added.

There’s no need to create new certificates of insurance when your policies change. Our platform automatically populates existing certificates with the latest policies, coverage limits, and carrier information.

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Instant Email Delivery

Our platform can deliver proof of insurance securely via email to whoever you’d like.

Imagine you’re trying to close a new client who requests proof of insurance before they’ll sign a contract. Simply enter their contact information into the certificate generator and we’ll send proof of insurance directly to them.

Securely Stored Certificates

Every certificate you generate is stored securely and accessible through the portal.

An up-to-date copy of every certificate of insurance you generate will always be available for you to view or download directly from your secure insurance portal in case you need to retrieve one for any reason.