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Integrate Stripe With Layr

Stripe customers can purchase instant cyber liability and data breach insurance with up to $1,000,000 in coverage for as little as $40 per month without filling out an application or waiting on underwriting.

Bind by Layr

Business insurance is necessary, but getting it is manual and cumbersome. We’re building Bind so busy founders and business owners can get the right liability insurance for their companies in only a few clicks.

Robust Coverage

This robust and easy-to-secure insurance policy addresses the vast majority of threats a Stripe customer will face. Specifically, the policy provided by integrating with Stripe is admitted in all fifty states from an A+ rated carrier, provides comprehensive coverage for data breaches, and also includes a host of first-party coverages. And while only cyber liability and data breach insurance is currently available through our Stripe integration, development is ongoing and we’ll be slowly rolling out additional lines of coverage that will be available to purchase with only a few simple clicks.

Connect Your Stripe Account