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Ways We Partner

We're always interested in speaking with other companies who provide products or services to small businesses and share our vision of helping them access the resources they need.

Strategic Partners

If your company has an established customer base of small businesses or technology startups, learn how we can help you realize a new revenue stream while increasing the value of your offerings.

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Broker & Agent Partners

Outsource your unprofitable and time consuming micro and small business customers to Layr and enjoy a commission revenue share without doing any of the work or account servicing.

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Why Partner With Layr?

We have created the easiest and most affordable way for companies to obtain the business insurance they're legally required to buy year after year. Further, we are dedicated to serving America's small businesses while giving them access to enterprise-grade tools without enterprise-grade costs.

It's Fast & Easy

We review and approve partnership applications quickly while providing you with all the resources you need to begin offering new value to your existing customers through our services.

Realize Immediate Value

Our platform provide immediate value to your customers and companies with existing insurance can take advantage of our platform by transferring their policies for free.

Business Owners Love Us

Business owners love us because our insurance, distribution, and servicing model was built from the ground up with input from real entrepreneurs along the way.

It's Secure & Stable

We employ bank-level security to ensure that customer and partner data is secure at all time and our scalable cloud-based infrastructure ensures near 100% uptime.

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