The Evolution of AMS: Meet Base Layr

All-in-one, entirely digital insurance distribution solution built for brokers. Your new home Base.


AMS Efficiency Through AI

The insurance industry is packed with competition and the small business commercial market is a huge opportunity. With rapidly changing technology and the advancements made across the insurance industry, adopting new technologies early in their lifecycle keeps brokers ahead of the curve.


Digitized Commercial Insurance

Your insureds conduct business online, you should, too. With Base Layr you can define and deliver the digital experience your insureds want.

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Your AI-Account Manager

No outsourcing needed; keep your business in-house and maximize your team's bandwidth by adopting built-in automations. The most efficient way to sell and service commercial insurance.


Everything You Need, Entirely Online

COIs on demand, claims, policy downloads, and automatic renewals through the Base Layr self-service insured digital kiosk, white-labeled and branded to your brokerage.


Your Insureds Conduct Business Online, You Should Too

Base Layr is an all-in-one AMS solution + insured digital kiosk, 100% online. We've digitized commercial insurance products, carriers, and customer service, and integrated our digital rater for accurate pricing prediction and placement. 

Implementation is fast: from zero to Base in 24 hours. Our intuitive technology empowers you and your insureds with no learning curve, preventing any pause in your operations. Base Layr lets you adopt and optimize additional insurtech solutions through built-in integrations for a true end-to-end online experience.


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Quote + Buy

Layr's automated process matches small businesses with carriers, predicts pricing and demand, and secures coverage faster.

Insured Digital Kiosk

Your insureds can manage their business insurance billing, payments, profile, and more from anywhere in the world with Layr’s secure insurance portal.

Broker Dashboard

The secure portal provides visibility into your customers' needs, access to performance reporting, the ability to configure triggered notifications, and so much more.

Licensed Layr AMS

Base Layr is the fastest way to digitize your agency and give your agency a digital rater that will work with all of your insurance carrier appointments.

Carriers Appointment

You can bring all of your carrier appointments into Base Layr while keeping your commission and credit, and stay the broker of record.

Program Carrier Rates

APIs alone don't provide enough products or industry scope. Base Layr brings analog carrier rates online and digitizes any insurance product, creating better access for your insureds.

Current Insured Onboarded

Upload your current book to Base Layr and have instant access to all of the tools and resources, plus your insureds will be able to check out their digital kiosk, too.

Fast Implementation

Get started on Base in as little as 24 hours. The intuitive interface means no waiting around for training sessions, you can jump right on.

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Get On Your Home Base

Sign up now for early access to the system that's changing the game. 

Need More From Your Tech?

Layr's Shift + Lift option is the full-service broker solution you've been looking for. Find your best fit with Layr.