The Business Insurance Game Has Changed

By   |  11/18/2016

Earlier this year, we set out to revolutionize the way businesses purchase and manage their commercial insurance. We recognized that each business has a unique exposure and risk profile creating the need to be able to sell truly customized insurance policies. However, rather than delivering tailored insurance coverage most agents are only knowledgable enough to sell businesses “off the shelf” products that often either under or over address the actual exposure faced by each business. As a result, many businesses, especially small businesses, are currently either still exposed because they don’t have the right coverage for their exposure or they’re overpaying for coverage they don’t need addressing exposure they don’t have. Finally, we wanted to make what historically takes several weeks or more and condense it down to 48 hours or less.

We are excited to announce the release of our first-of-its-kind, 100% online, real-time business insurance platform which takes control away from traditional insurance brokers and hands it to business owners.

  • Within 5 minutes, you can assess what types of insurance coverage you need (or don’t need) and how much other businesses like yours typically pay.
  • Within 30 minutes, you can apply for, receive a price for, and purchase insurance for your business.
  • We even offer modern payment options including the ability to pay your insurance premium month-to-month and with a credit card.

Best of all, you don’t ever have to speak to a human being if you don’t want to. (We do have human insurance experts standing by if you need us.) The Layr is simply the easiest way to purchase and manage your insurance.

The days of waiting for an insurance agent to call you back are gone. The days of being confused about what you’re getting or why you need it are gone. The days of being sold insurance you don’t need or can’t afford are gone. The days of spending 45 minutes filling out an online application only to be presented with a message asking you to call a number to provide more information are gone. Layr provides all businesses access to the same enterprise-grade insurance policies from the same A-rated insurance companies traditionally only available to large corporations combined with the ability intelligently tailor every policy to that businesses specific needs. And we accomplish all of this with only 30 minutes of your time.

We believe that small business is the life blood of the American economy. They create new opportunities and promote the most job growth. These business are run by the smartest people who are forced to be resourceful and do much more with far less. Layr was designed to reduce the unnecessary waste of time and stress caused by the traditional insurance process that business owners face every year. We have worked diligently to make a difficult and cumbersome process simple for so that business owners can focus on what really matters… running their businesses.

The insurance revolution is here and we have transferred the power to you. Don’t have insurance for your business? Give our insurance proposal generator a try. Already have insurance and ready to ditch your agent? Transfer your insurance policies to our online insurance platform and see how you can manage your insurance independently. At the end of the day, we hope you’ll consider joining the insurance revolution by partnering with Layr.