Team Layr: Trish in Product

By Margaret Manning   |  12/23/2020

TrishGet a glimpse of how Trish builds #BetterBusinessInsurance every day by making sure Layr’s platform is aligned with the needs of our customers. The bonus? The inside scoop on everything from Trish’s dream day off to her secret superpower.

Trish joined Layr in June of 2020 as a full-time Product Manager. When Trish signed on to work at Layr, we knew we were hiring an excellent team member who was dedicated to understanding what our customers need and honing in on how our product can provide them with efficient solutions that are a pleasure to use.

What we didn’t expect–but were delighted to discover–is Trish’s determination for growth and improvement, her beautiful photos of weekend adventures in Washington state, and her ability to brighten our Friday coffee breaks with a new Hawaiian ? shirt every week.

Keep reading for more of our Meet the Team chat with Trish, including life as part of the Product Team, behind-the-scenes Trish, and more.

Life at Layr Product

Q: What convinced you to take your job at Layr?

A: The opportunity to break ground with a great team.

I love working on solutions that people need and want to use. The opportunity to do something that is groundbreaking in its industry is incredible; to do it with a great team is even better.

Q: What does a day “in the office” look like?

A: Continuous learning.

I start the day around 4 a.m., pour a cup of coffee and kick off the morning with some upbeat music while preparing for a day of product planning, discovery meetings, and continuous learning. Every day is different, which is why I love it!

Q: What is the biggest victory or aha! moment you’ve had in your role since joining Layr?

A: Building a better product for customers.

The victory that always brings joy is knowing that my team and myself are able to continuously help ensure customers have great experiences by consistently improving our product. Knowing that I’m helping create a tool that helps small businesses succeed feels incredible!

Q: What’s the greatest challenge you’re still trying to overcome or solve at Layr?

A: Predicting the future!

It’s a challenge to anticipate the future of small business insurance. My job involves balancing learning what our customers need now and what they might need in one, two, five years down the road. Discerning what those future needs might be is something I work on every day.

Q: What’s the most interesting or surprising thing you’ve learned about insurance since joining Team Layr?

A: It’s more robust and nuanced than I ever could have imagined.

Learning the insurance industry is like learning a whole new language. Between all of the new terminology, different parties involved, and what feels like thousands of forms and documents, I appreciate having a great team with deep industry knowledge to learn from.

question_answer Trish on Background

Though some of our team members have taken convoluted journeys to the world of startup, spending time in other industries only to eventually land in the startup space, Trish has spent her whole career in small-business and the startup community. “I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of many amazing teams that have done some very cool things,” Trish said.

Trish started out in the world of small business as the Delivery Coordinator for a local flower shop, learning the values of and needs of small businesses as a part of one. The next step in her career was joining the team at Georgia Tech’s startup incubator CREATE-X, where during her time managing the marketing and event planning, overall participation in the incubator program nearly doubled.

While she was at CREATE-X, Trish discovered a love of seeing young startups succeed, adding, “A few of the companies I saw come through the program are actually  Layr customers now.” It was the intense look into what it takes to build a successful company Trish CREATE-X offered that kicked off her desire to build a career in an Atlanta startup.

[customer_quote quote=”I fell in love with being part of a team that was both building a new product and actively solving issues that our clients were experiencing.”]

Instead of continuing a path in Marketing, Trish was driven to use her Information Technology background and customer understanding to dive into the product side of innovation. At a small tech startup, Trish quickly became a lead in client-facing technical support, which allowed her to convey her client’s direct needs to guide product development. “I feel in love with being part of a team that was both building a new product and actively solving issues that our clients were experiencing,” Trish said.

In a nutshell, Trish’s career experiences created an invaluable intersection between Marketing, Project Management, and Technical Support–a combination that has made her an incredible asset to the Layr team as we seek to develop the savviest, customer-friendly version of business insurance.

psychology Behind the Scenes with Trish

The world of startup can be a rollercoaster–goals, project details, and solutions are always changing, adapting, and growing. Trish shared her two cents when it comes to surviving in startuplandia: Be ready to take on anything. “Get ready to quickly learn five times more than what you’d learn in a traditional organization,” Trish said. “There’s never a boring day!”

To succeed as a small team, being close-knit is a must. That’s why, here at Layr, we ground our company culture in communication and getting to know each other. From niche Slack channels for DIY, books, and more, to virtual Monday Game Night, we seize the day when it comes to getting to know our team.

To get a better idea of what it might be like as a fly on the wall at Layr, we asked Trish a few run-of-the-mill questions. Keep reading for Trish’s cat, Mr. Pickle, her emoji personality description, and envy-worthy accounts of outdoor adventures.

Q: If you were to take a snapshot of your workspace/desk, what would it look like?

A: Keepin’ it minimal!

You’d find two HUGE monitors, a glass of water, and my cat ?, Mr. Pickle, either napping or trying to type my Slack DMs for me.

Q: Latest obsession?

A: Distance cycling and kayaking.

Q: What’s your secret superpower?

A: My direction instincts.

I never use a GPS! Pretty sure you could drop me in rural Montana and I could still find my way home.

Q: Do you have a quote or mantra you live by?

[customer_quote quote= “Need two more hours in your day? Sleep six hours a night. How? Just sleep faster, I would recommend.” author=”Arnold Schwarzenegger”]

arnold schwarzenegger laughing GIF

Q: You have an unexpected day off from work. What would you do?

A: Probably my standard Saturday activities…

An early morning paddle at the lake, half a pizza, and a carb-fueled 40-mile ride ?‍♀️ around Bellingham Bay.

Q: Bump that timeframe up to a whole week off. What then?

A: More outdoor escapades.

I’d rent an AirBNB on the coast, load my Cocker Spaniel into my truck and head out for a week of sunny ocean swims and evenings spent seeing live local music.

Q: What’s your billionaire splurge purchase?

A: Dream house + investment

If I had a billion dollars, I’d probably buy water-front property with a dock so I can watch the sunset with my dog. Then, I’d invest the remainder into local businesses and Women in Technology. ?

Q: What emojis best describe you?

??‍♀️ ? ?

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being get that watered-down, carbonated fruit water away from me and 10 being put it in an IV bag and hook me up, please, how great is LaCroix?