Welcome to the New Layr

By   |  10/05/2016

Well… it’s been awhile since my last blog posting. You’ll notice that although we’ve been quiet, we haven’t gone away. Rather, I’ve had my head down while I focus all of my attention on solving the massive problem called small business insurance. Trust when I say that we’re well on our way.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished on my, shall we call it, sabbatical. Andrew Egenes came on board as a co-founder and will be leading the charge on the marketing front. We were also accepted into the ATDC at Georgia Tech Accelerate Program, we moved our offices from Atlanta Tech Village to Tech Square, and we continue to add customers while eclipsing the six-figure revenue mark.

So what does this Insurance Needs Assessment do? I’m really glad you asked. Put simply, it provides a fast and automated online solution for the first step every business owner encounters when embarking on the insurance buying process:

  1. What type of insurance policies does my particular company need or not need?
  2. Why does my company need or not need that coverage?
  3. How much will the insurance policies my company does need cost me?

So, have a look around our new website at (We dropped the “The” from our name. It worked for Facebook so it should work for us, right?) If you complete the Insurance Needs Assessment, you’ll be added to a list for early access to the forthcoming complete platform, including our Insurance Proposal Generator which gives you the power to determine fair insurance terms and pricing and submit your opportunity to preferred A-rated insurance companies for instant acceptance. Gone will be the weeks of back and forth negotiations between you, your broker, and the insurance carrier.

The days of feeling powerless and confused as you attempt to purchase or manage your business insurance are almost over as Layr has taken the first step in giving back control and transparency to the 25,000,000+ small businesses throughout America.