Popular Policies

We have access to many lines of insurance. Below are some of the most popular policy types.

Easily Conquer Business Insurance with Layr

We enable companies to get the layer of protection they need to succeed and pay for it monthly with a credit card.

Instant Online Quote

The New Insurance Process

We created an entirely new insurance process built for the modern business owner.

12-Minute Online Proposal

The days of waiting on quotes from insurance companies are over. Our platform automates the role of the insurance agent by walking you through the process of selecting the right coverage while quoting a monthly price you can pay with a credit card in real time.

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Online Management Portal

We believe that business owners can manage the most common insurance tasks without calling and speaking to an agent. Our online management portal automates many of the tasks traditionally handled by an agent like generating certificates of insurance, initiating claims, and more.

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Business Owners Love Us

Business owners and entrepreneurs across the country have chosen to protect and grow their companies with insurance through Layr.

Insurance DNA

Insurance is in Our DNA

Our Founder and CEO spent over 15 years as a traditional insurance broker where he worked closely with small and medium-sized businesses and business owners.

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive User Interface

Our 100% online business insurance platform was designed and built from the ground up with speed and usability in mind and we're constantly improving it.

Tailored Insurance

Tailored & Customizable Insurance

Business insurance is not one size fits all. Our platform will help you customize your insurance policies and coverage limits to fit your specific business profile and needs.


We're Tech-Enabled

Savvy business owners love that we've leveraged technology to effectively and efficiently automate and replace the manual traditional insurance buying process.