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Popular Policies

We have access to many lines of insurance. Below are some of the most popular policy types.

Explanation of Pricing

We have taken a unique and modern approach to business insurance and believe in being fair and transparent with our pricing and compensation structure.

Simplified Pricing

Just like we’ve simplified the way business insurance is purchased and managed, we’ve also simplified the way we generate revenue. Our straightforward pricing model allows us to earn revenues two different ways. Businesses pay a simple flat percentage-based fee of up to 20% of premium to purchase and manage their insurance and the insurance companies pay us a commission for every policy that is purchased through our platform.

Unlike the traditional insurance model which, unfortunately, incentivizes brokers and agents to sell policies customers might not need with inflated coverage limits, our flat fee-based model covers the costs associated with building and maintaining our platform and allows us to be profitable on even the smallest insurance policies. As a result, we never recommend that customers buy insurance they don’t need or select coverage limits that are too high.

Save Up to 35%

We didn’t set out to offer the least expensive insurance. Like with most things and insurance included, you get what you pay for. We don’t believe in selling lower quality insurance products filled with terms that allow the insurance carrier to get out of paying claims. Instead, we only sell high quality insurance policies from A-rated insurance companies. Best of all, our customers are still saving up to 35% compared to purchasing insurance through the traditional process.

Why? It’s simple. Our process is not only easier for small businesses, it’s also easier for the insurance companies. It’s so efficient, in fact, that our insurance carrier partners are willing to sell policies for much less than traditional brokers and we pass those savings directly through to our customers.

What Our 20% Fee Provides

Market Access

Fast access to the best insurance products from A-rated insurance companies at your fingertips.

Flexible Payment Options

The ability to pay for your company's insurance costs monthly and with a credit card.

Secure Insurance Portal

Manage common insurance tasks like coverage modifications, renewals, and claims online.

Unlimited Proof of Insurance

Generate as many certificates of insurance as you need anytime and from any device.