A real-world example of how Layr increased margins on a current agency partner’s books.





Curious about the actual value a partnership with Layr unlocks?

Behind all of Layr’s friendly faces, intuitive features, and efficient workflows are real numbers supporting the added value to our partners.

Below is a case study demonstrating the impact a partnership with Layr can create for your agency.

Feel free to cross-reference this with your agency’s numbers and reach out to one of our experts if you have specific questions.

A graph displaying the math behind the savings a partnership with Layr can provide to your agency

Original partner costs vs. Costs after shifting to Layr

Additional Value

With Layr’s funnel, the studied agency added twenty-three accounts ($55,000 in premium) in three months with no inside sales involvement and zero additional marketing dollars.

Layr Sales Enablement

Layr’s technology and internal Sales Team reduce producer involvement and associated costs while maintaining a 40% closing ratio with qualified accounts.

Who is Layr?

Layr provides brokers with technology that enhances the value of their small and emerging accounts business. What does this mean for brokers? Business owners and operators can purchase insurance tailored to their company in minutes, completely online. Our cloud-based customer dashboard lets your customers perform the most common insurance-related tasks like generating their own certificates of insurance or adding endorsements to their existing coverage limits.

Founded by Phillip Naples, an insurance broker with deep experience in technology-based risks and exposures, Layr is currently helping brokers manage their existing small and emerging business accounts.

“Small business insurance is undersold by nearly $100B in the US alone. We’ve innovated securing, financing, and managing business insurance by creating an entirely new and automated process that meets the needs of modern business owners, brokers, and insurers.” – Phillip Naples

Partnership in Action

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