Real-time commercial insurance quotes in 10 minutes or less.

Skip the waiting game and get insurance pricing online at lightning speeds.

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Smart Quote Proposal Generator

We built our own rating algorithm to quote commercial insurance monthly and in real-time.

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Streamlined Insurance Application

Less jargon, more English. We revamped the standardized questions to ensure that our Smart Quote application is easy to follow and understand.


Save & Continue Later

Not ready to complete a purchase? We hear you. Smart Quote lets you start a proposal now and finish it when you're ready.

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Integrated Help & Guidance

Need a helping hand? We provide detailed explanations of why the questions are asked and how answers may impact insurance premiums. 

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Faster quotes for everyone involved.

Whether you're an agent, partner, or business owner, Smart Quote can help. Here's how.

Agents & brokers

Agents & Brokers

While traditional insurance brokers are forced to wait on the insurance companies for quotes, we built our own rating algorithm so you don’t have to.

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Save Time

No need to wait around for insurance carriers to get back to you with pricing—Smart Quote does it instantly.

Build Your Brand

White label our quoting system to deliver a unified, branded experience for new and existing customers.

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Scale Your Books

Sell to and service hundreds of independently owned small businesses more efficiently.

Strategic partners

Strategic Partners

Your customers can benefit from tailored policies generated by our quoting system that are unique to your customer type or industry focus.

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Save Time

Get real-time commercial insurance quotes and customized policies to customers in less than 10 minutes.

Build Your Brand

White label our quoting system to deliver a unified, branded experience for new and existing customers.

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Help Your Customers

Your small business customers need protection. Smart Quote makes it easy for them to get the coverage they require.

Small business owners

Small Business Owners

Our rating algorithm delivers insurance quotes at record speeds so you can get matched fast with the policies that are right for you and your business.

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Save Time

Get real-time quotes online and without the hassle—in 10 minutes or less.

Get Customized Coverage

We’ll help you tailor your coverage to fit your specific needs as well as your current budget.

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Make Informed Decisions

Smart Quote’s application questions are written in plain English and come with detailed explanations should you get stuck