Power-up your small commercial insurance operations with Layr Apex

No more dropping everything to meet policyholder expectations. With Layr Apex, your policyholders satisfy their needs on their time, effortlessly. And when they require expert assistance, the licensed support team at Layr is ready to help.
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Everything in One Place

Your policyholders can access everything in one, white-labeled place online—while brokers get complete visibility into important data.

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Top-notch Security

Rest easy. Our online portal employs bank-level security, including 256-bit SSL encryption, intelligent activity monitoring, and automatic logouts.

Proof of Insurance on Demand

Policyholders can retrieve an unlimited number of insurance certificates directly, whenever they need them. No broker required.


Keep policyholders happy and brokers focused—with Layr Apex


Give your policyholders a technology-first experience that makes small commercial operations not only easy but cost-effective too. With your brokers freed to focus on the highest-value opportunities, your small commercial operations have only one direction to go—up!

Are you ready to see how Layr Apex will transform your brokerage?