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Cyber security for companies, hacker, cyber risk

Cyber Security for Companies: 5 Ways to Protect Against Data Leaks

Nov 30, 2021

Understand the risks associated with data breaches and computer security, imperative information for brokerages wishing to protect their customers’ and employees’ information

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Team Layr: Trish in Product

Dec 23, 2020

Get a glimpse of how Trish builds #BetterBusinessInsurance every day by making sure Layr’s platform is aligned with the needs…

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Certificates of Insurance, Explained

Nov 6, 2020

Generating proof of insurance or a certificate of insurance is hassle-free from your Business Insurance Dashboard. Read on for an…

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Brice in engineering

Team Layr: Brice in Engineering

Sep 25, 2020

So, who is Team Layr? We’re a group of out-of-the-box thinkers that work to keep the wheels on our insurtech…

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Team Layr: TJ in Customer Success

Sep 25, 2020

Before he joined Layr in late 2019, TJ worked on the traditional side of the insurance industry. His wealth of…

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Team Layr: Peter in Engineering

Sep 10, 2020

Peter first joined Layr as a contractor in November 2019 and kicked things into full-gear as a full-time team member…

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